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Yale stuns Harvard as protest draws national attention, dozens of arrests

By Jim Fuller and Dan Haar

Updated 11:27 pm EST, Saturday, November 23, 2019

NEW HAVEN — Spurred by a generational call to action on climate change, hundreds of spectators stormed the Yale Bowl field Saturday in protest, delaying by 40 minutes a Yale-Harvard football game that was momentous even without a collision of sports and political culture.

It was two historic events playing out in parallel. Yale’s double-overtime, comeback win over Harvard — a 50-43 stunner — instantly took on legendary status in the annals of one of college football’s most prestigious rivalries. And likewise, the climate protesters’ uprising at halftime showed the rising sense of urgency, led by students worldwide, that powerful institutions such as Harvard and Yale be forced to reckon with what they call the evils of fossil fuels.

The protesters – Yale Endowment Justice Coalition and Divest Harvard, listed on the pamphlet obtained by Hearst Connecticut Media – demanded with chants and unfurled signs that both universities clear their combined, $71 billion endowments of investments in corporations tied to oil, gas and coal. They also protested the schools’ holdings in Puerto Rico debt, seen as exploitation of a poor, besieged territory of the U.S.

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