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Cleveland Browns game streaker banned from stadium

Cleveland Browns game streaker banned from stadium

CLEVELAND (AP) – An Ohio man accused of streaking across the field during a Cleveland Browns game will no longer be able to set foot at the team’s stadium because its administration has banned him from the property.

Twenty-year-old Anthony Saveriano was notified Wednesday of the team’s decision during his sentencing hearing in Cleveland Municipal Court.

Judge Lauren Moore found Saveriano guilty of a criminal trespassing charge and ordered him to clean up after tailgaters in the city’s municipal lot for four games this season. He’ll be on probation for one year and must pay a $200 fine and court fees.

Attorney Fred C. Crosby said Saveriano is remorseful about his actions.

Lions running back Joique Bell twice shoved down Saveriano during the Aug. 15 game before security tackled him.
2013-09-26 00:26:38 GMT

Man stabbed to death near San Francisco ballpark

Man stabbed to death near San Francisco ballpark
By SUDHIN THANAWALA Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A man was stabbed to death after a fight broke out near San Francisco’s AT&T Park, where the Giants were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers, authorities said.

Police were releasing few details about the stabbing other than to say it occurred shortly after 11:30 p.m. Wednesday at Third and Harrison streets during a confrontation between two groups of men. Police have detained three people in the area and are interviewing witnesses, but have not made any arrests, Sgt. Danielle Newman said.

She said police were not disclosing additional information, including whether the fight involved rival fans. Giants’ spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said she did not have additional information about the incident, but wanted to emphasize that the stabbing took place several blocks away from the stadium.

The violence comes just three days after a teenage football fan was attacked at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park during the San Francisco 49ers 27-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Other violence broke out at the game on Sunday despite an increase in security. The stadium was also the site of two shootings, beatings and fights during a preseason game two years ago.

Stadium security and fan behavior also came under scrutiny when another Dodgers-Giants matchup saw a Northern California paramedic severely beaten. Bryan Stow, a Giants fan, suffered a traumatic brain injury after a beating by two men dressed in Dodgers gear following the March 31, 2012, home opener between the teams.
2013-09-26 14:18:13 GMT

Good video on bleacher safety

COLUMBUS — Two recent school bleacher accidents in Ohio are causing concern about bleacher safety.

In those cases, near Columbus and Cincinnati, people were hurt when a railing gave way at a football game.

Ohio does not have a state law on inspecting bleachers — the state only stipulates that schools need to keep their buildings and grounds safe.

But the Ohio administrative code does say that bleachers should be inspected once a year.

Many schools aren’t aware, and no one is keeping track of whether those inspections are done.

Local schools WKYC checked with do inspect once a year, either with bleacher companies or maintenance staff.

Euclid Superintendent Keith Bell says, “It is challenging with budgets but safety is always our number one priority.”

New code standards require bleachers to have a six inch gap between steps.

Many of the older bleachers we found have about 16 inches between steps.

“80 to 85 percent of all schools in America are not in full compliance with today’s law” said Ray Todd, owner of RT ATHCO.

Todd’s company repairs bleachers at school in the Northeast Ohio region.

WKYC learned that many of the older bleachers are “grandfathered” in since they were constructed before the new code requirements took effect.

Seahawks to use undercover cops wearing opponent’s jerseys

Seahawks announce they’ll plant undercover cops wearing opponent’s jerseys in crowd
Frank Schwab | Shutdown Corner 9/11/13

The Seahawks sent a warning to their fans: If you’re considering threatening that guy in the Patrick Willis 49ers jersey to a fight, there’s a chance he’s going to boot you out of the stadium and have your season tickets revoked.

Seattle announced that they will have undercover police officers roaming the stadium wearing jerseys of opposing teams this season, in order to detect unruly behavior and take proper action.

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“We have great fans,” Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin said in a statement. “Our goal is to ensure a safe environment for all in attendance, including visiting team fans.”

The announcement comes just before the Seahawks face the 49ers on Sunday night, in one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL.

The idea of having police wear the jersey of the opposing team is pretty brilliant.

There’s no reason a fan should feel threatened when he goes to see his team play a road game. Two years ago, a San Francisco Giants fan was so severely beaten after a game at Dodger Stadium that he suffered brain damage and didn’t return home until this June. Nobody wants a repeat of that.

Among the things the Seahawks don’t allow is “verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans.” Those who violate the Seahawks fan code of conduct have to complete a four-hour online educational course, at the cost of $75, before they can return to the stadium. For the most egregious behavior, season tickets may be revoked.

The Seahawks have good fans and it shouldn’t be a problem for most to root for their team in the most anticipated regular-season game of the season without acting inappropriately. For anyone who does get a little rowdy, just remember that the person you’re thinking about harassing might not be a 49ers fan after all.–nfl.html

Fan falls, dies at Candlestick during 49ers-Packers game

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A football fan fell to his death from an elevated pedestrian walkway Sunday at Candlestick Park during the 49ers’ final season opener at the San Francisco stadium, police said.

The death came just after kickoff at about 1:30 p.m. in the 49ers’ 34-28 win over Green Bay, police said, and multiple witnesses reported the man appeared to be intoxicated before he fell to a sidewalk.

The death happened the same day a railing collapsed at the Colts’ game against the Raiders in Indianapolis, injuring two fans who had been leaning against the barrier above the tunnel leading to Oakland’s locker room. It appeared both fans in Indiana escaped serious injury, stadium officials said.

In San Francisco, police spokesman Gordon Shyy said off-duty medics and police officers gave the man first aid until an ambulance arrived, but he was declared dead from his injuries. Authorities said he appeared to be in his 30s, and his name has not been released.

In a statement, 49ers spokesman Bob Lange confirmed the team had learned of the accident outside the stadium.

“We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family during this difficult time,” he said.

Railing collapse at Sycamore football game

Railing collapse at Sycamore football game causes injuries
Aug. 30, 2013

Police and emergency responders were called to Sycamore Junior High School Friday night after receiving reports that a railing on bleachers collapsed near the football field.

Hamilton County’s emergency communications center received a call about the incident at 8:43 p.m. and several people were reportedly injured during the collapse. The number of injuries sustained is unclear. However, all students injured have been released from medical care.

The collapse happened as the school hosted a football game between Sycamore High School and Walnut Hills High School. The game resumed in the third quarter with Sycamore leading 41-0. They won the game 41-7.

A Montgomery Fire Department lieutenant said two girls were transported to Bethesda North Hospital Friday night after being injured when a fence in front of the student section at Sycamore Stadium collapsed at the end of the first half of the Sycamore-Walnut Hills football game.

One girl was strapped to a backboard as a precautionary measure before being taken to the hospital, Montgomery Fire Department Lieutenant Patrick Morgan said. Another girl was transported with an ice bag on her left knee.

It appeared that there were fewer than 10 injuries.

“They were all minor injuries,” Morgan said. “We’re transporting two.”

The fence was located about five feet above a sidewalk adjacent to the running track around the football field.

WLWT-TV 5 posted a video on its website showing students cheering at a nearby video camera and leaning on and over the railing during the game. The railing then appeared to give way and several students fell off the bleachers.

Sycamore Community Schools Chief Information Officer Erika Daggett said the school’s field and bleachers were last inspected Nov. 15, but said another one is now needed.

“Our facilities manager is contacting Tristate Sports to conduct another inspection, Daggett said.

Two deaths shut down Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo Canceled After Two Deaths During Festival
By Miriam Coleman | Rolling Stone 9/1/2013

The final day of Electric Zoo has been canceled after two fans died during the electronic music festival. The New York Post reports that four others were hospitalized over the first two days of the festival, and that police believe the incidents to be connected to the drug MDMA.

“During the first two days of the Electric Zoo music festival, two concert-goers have died and at least four others became critically ill and have been placed in intensive care at area hospitals,” said a statement from New York City officials. “Definitive causes of death have not yet been determined, however, both appear to have involved the drug MDMA (ecstasy, or molly). The Electric Zoo organizers have worked with City officials to reduce health risks at this event, but in view of these occurrences, the safest course is to cancel the remaining day of the event.”

Electric Z00 2013: Onstage and Behind the Scenes

Sunday’s lineup would have included Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Aoki, Diplo, and Zedd among others. A statement regarding the cancellation appeared this morning on the festival’s website. “The founders of Electric Zoo send our deepest condolences to the families of the two people who passed away this weekend,” the statement said. “Because there is nothing more important to us than our patrons, we have decided in consultation with the New York City Parks Department that there will be no show today.”

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