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Certificate (CPM)

Patrons have rights

and employees have an obligation to provide a safe environment (tm)

We have all been in lines.  We have all been in big crowds.  We have all felt helpless, vulnerable, or upset when we have been treated in an unprofessional manner.  However, our clients and patrons do not need to feel like they are part of a crowd, but should feel like individuals, and valuable assets that need to be treated well.

Treating patrons well is the goal of this educational program offered by the Patron Management Institute (PMI) in conjunction with the University of New Haven and its internationally known program in Sport/Hospitality and Tourism Management.  PMI’s Certificate in Patron Management (CPM) is a hands-on training program designed to enhance customer service, focus employees on risk management, and help make facilities safer for all patrons and employees. 

It is impossible to make any facility 100% safe.  However, through the CPM program your employees can obtain cutting-edge training that will help minimize the chance for crowd related issues, empower employees to proactively engage patrons, and allow for more friendly and personalized patron interaction which can increase sales and loyalty. 

CPM differs from other training programs in that it has been developed by an academic institution, written by experts in crowd management, validated by an advisory board, and tested with students and industry professionals over several years.  The program is not offered by a for-profit business or an entity trying to validate its own training program.  This program uses interdisciplinary knowledge from psychologists and police officers, to Israeli security professionals and disaster physicians to help create a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate rather than just meet a perceived or mandated training requirement.  The program has been so well received that it is being considered for endorsement by various national and international organizations, companies, and government entities.

The CPM is a program focused on working with front line and security personnel to understand and appreciate how patrons and customers move and behave in various surroundings/environments. Through a detailed, but educationally friendly, module system, full-time and part-time employees will be taught the following:

Through analyzing these specific elements, engaging in fun activities, and engaging in problem based learning (PBL), it is anticipated that an employee can be well versed and trained in general theories/application in less than four-five hours, including all videos, role-playing and exams.  The CPM program is designed for live training.  Since every facility and event will present different issues and concerns, the CPM program is designed to provide basic information and allow employers to customize the material they use.  The material can also be customized for non-profit and other groups who might be called upon to work at a facility. 

The CPM developers understand that it is one thing to read about crowds in a book, but to really understand the topic those taking the CPM program need to see how people behave in real time.  Thus, there are two specific components to the program- the training modules and shadowing.  The shadowing element could be conducted on the same day as the training module or at anytime after the training module is concluded.  Those seeking CPM certification need to spend at least two hours shadowing a manager or senior level employee who can show them how to implement and follow appropriate risk management and crowd strategies.  Each facility can customize their own shadowing program to maximize the training value they wish to achieve.

Thus, the deliverables from the CPM experience are as follows:

 All the deliverables will be designed to cost less than $25 per employee for all the materials and the training program.

CPM is designed for, but not limited to, the following businesses and/or organizations:

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