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Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State game

Ryan YoungWriter

Yahoo SportsJanuary 21, 2020

The end of No. 3 Kansas’ 81-60 win against Kansas State did not go well on Tuesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

Instead, the blowout rivalry game ended in an all-out brawl.

As Kansas started dribbling out the clock while holding a 22-point lead in the final seconds, Kansas State’s DaJuan Gordon stole the ball and started dribbling down the court in an effort to secure one last layup.

Kansas’ Silvio De Sousa, however, sprinted behind Gordon and came up with a massive block as he attempted the layup, sending Gordon down into the baseline.

Almost instantly, both teams swarmed the scene on the baseline, which sparked the wild brawl that spilled down into the crowd and media section underneath the basket. Several punches were thrown in the incident, and De Sousa even picked up a chair at one point, though it was taken away from him before he could do anything with it.

It took several arena staff, coaches, police officers and even cheerleaders to break up the fight.

After things had settled, both teams were called back out from the locker rooms and one-tenth of a second was added back onto the clock. Kansas State hit one free throw from a technical foul out of the incident before the game was officially over.

“I know that we were in the wrong,” Kansas coach Bill Self said, via KSNT’s Pete Francis. “I’m not saying that both parties weren’t in the wrong, but I know that we were in the wrong.

“I was shaking hands with [Kansas State coach Bruce Weber] as the play was going down to the other end. Bruce came down to shake hands, and so I did not see what transpired until everybody started running out there. I didn’t even know that it was a melee until three or four seconds until after everybody was out there … That was an embarrassment on our part for the role that we played in it.”

Self confirmed after the game that De Sousa received a technical foul, and that every bench player from both teams had been ejected from the contest at the end. The only players left were the 10 who were in the game at the time, via CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone.

Weber said he told his team not to foul at the end of the game, too, when Gordon stole the ball.

“You win with class, you lose with class,” Weber said, via the Kansas City Star. “It’s probably my fault. I told them not to press, not to foul, to back off. But the kids are young guys. They want to play hard. They were disappointed, frustrated. You don’t want to take that fire out of their belly but you have to handle it right.

“All we talk about is act right, treat people right, play the right way. That’s been our way at K-State.”

Self said after the game that “there will be consequences,” which he will likely announce on Wednesday after he’s had a chance to review tape of the incident, but that it’s “obvious to me we played a role in what transpired and there will be penalties for that.”

“What happened is zero signs of toughness,” Self said, via Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star. “It’s a sign of immaturity and selfishness more than toughness.”

Kansas athletic director Jeff Long released a statement on Tuesday night, too, saying that he will review the footage with Self, the Big 12 Conference and Kansas State.

“The conduct of a few of our student-athletes at the conclusion of tonight’s game vs. Kansas State was simply unacceptable and not reflective of who we are,” Long said in a statement, via Boone. “Coach Self and I will review the incident, along with the Big 12 Conference and Kansas State to determine the appropriate consequences. There is no place for this conduct in college athletes or here at KU. I would like to apologize to the Big 12 Conference, Kansas State University, [Kansas State athletic director] Gene Taylor, Bruce Weber and all fans for the lack of sportsmanship form members of our team this evening.”

Teen facing murder charge after victim shot at Dallas high school basketball game dies


ABC NewsJanuary 19, 2020

Teen facing murder charge after victim shot at Dallas high school basketball game dies originally appeared on

A 15-year-old boy arrested in a shooting that broke out this month at a high school basketball game in Dallas is now facing a murder charge after one of the victims died from his wounds, police said.

The victim, 18-year-old Marc Strickland, died at 2:59 p.m. on Saturday, a week after being rushed to a hospital with a bullet wound to the chest, according to the Dallas Police Department.

Charges against the suspected gunman, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, were upgraded to murder, police said in a statement.

Strickland was a former student in the Dallas Independent School District and had recently transferred to a charter school, Dallas education officials said.

The shooting unfolded on Jan. 11 during a game between South Oak Cliff and Kimball high schools, prompting players and coaches to duck for cover and fans to race for the exits, video of the incident showed.

A Dallas Independent School District police officer was grazed by a bullet when she attempted to confront the gunman, police said.

The shooting erupted at 9:10 p.m. inside the Ellis Davis Field House in southwest Dallas and followed a physical altercation in the stands, according to authorities. More than 600 people were at the game when it was interrupted by the gunfire, officials said.

The boy suspected of being the shooter surrendered to police the following evening after witnesses identified him through images captured by security cameras and released by police. The suspect was initially charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Michael Hinojosa, superintendent of the Dallas Independent School District, said the violence that erupted at the basketball game signaled the city’s long-held “truce” that school sporting events and other extracurricular activities were off-limits as venues for settling feuds had been broken.

While expressing outrage over a surge in gun violence in the city, Hinojosa announced a series measures taken immediately to boost security at school sporting events, including instituting a ban on bags, purses and backpacks. He said spectators would have to either pass through metal detectors or be checked with metal-detecting wands before attending games.

The gun violence at the basketball game mirrors a national trend of shootings at school sporting events. A investigation published in December by ABC News found that of the more than two dozen school shootings in the United States in 2019, 57.6% occurred at the end of or during sporting events, specifically basketball and football games.–abc-news-topstories.html

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