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Power failure at Nats Park caused by faulty circuit breaker

July 18, 2015
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — The power failure at Nationals Park Friday during the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers was caused by a faulty circuit breaker, according to the Washington Nationals Baseball Club.

The Washington Nationals issued the following statement Saturday morning regarding the incident:

Our initial investigation indicates the power failure at Nationals Park last night was caused by a faulty circuit breaker. It was replaced shortly after midnight and the lights were tested throughout the night with no additional outages. While we believe we have identified and corrected the issue, additional tests are being conducted by the manufacturer of the field lighting system.

The Nationals organization would like to again apologize to our fans for any inconvenience this incident may have caused.

Last night’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers will resume today at 2:05 PM.

Islamic State threat: Isis plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events

ISLAMIC STATE (Isis) are plotting to use toy drones to bomb major events like football matches and music festivals in Britain, it emerged today.
By Nick Gutteridge July 24, 2015.
Terrorists want to use the unmanned machines – available for as little as £100 on the high street – to drop explosives on large crowds at popular sporting and cultural gatherings.

Defence chiefs fear they could launch a multi-drone attack carrying several bombs, even using airborne cameras to film the bloody carnage below for twisted propaganda videos.

Senior MI5 figures believed that Isis has already tested how much plastic explosive the flying machines can carry, getting as far as experimenting with detonation devices.

A counter-terrorism source said: “Islamist plotters have been trying to launch a drone-borne bomb attack for some time, as these machines are getting more hi-tech every year.

“They want the spectacular devastation of such a raid, which would cause murder and maiming in a crowd, while filming it for a sick video.

“Isis is obsessed with re-creating the horror of 9/11 and believes this may be possible by launching a multi-drone attack on large numbers of people in a synchronised attack.”

Toy drones, which are popular with amateur photographers, are available from mainstream retailers like Amazon and Maplin and cost as little as £100.

Each agile machine could carry enough explosive to kill or maim a person if detonated nearby, and the effects of a fleet of drones dropping bombs on a crowded area would be bloody and devastating.

It is thought that evil Islamist fanatics could be looking to target crowds at open-air music festivals and Premier League football grounds for maximum effect.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who has advised the Government on terrorism, told the Mirror: “There is a genuine threat from Islamists wishing to deliver high explosives by drone to crowded areas. The effects could be devastating.”

It would be easy for Isis to get its hands on cheap drones, with more than 127,000 being bought and sold on online auction site eBay in the last year alone.

Alternatively, it is thought the terrorists may attempt to build a copycat drone of their own to avoid having to buy one and potentially raise the suspicions of police and security services.

More worryingly still they could attempt to buy commercial drones like ones used by the military. These machines would be able to carry enough explosive and shrapnel to kill scores of people in a single attack.

Israel vows probe after football ‘riot’ in Belgium

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Friday a probe into a football team noted for racism against Arabs after supporters rioted at a match in Belgium over alleged anti-Jewish taunts.

Beitar Jerusalem owner Eli Tabib announced after the Thursday Europa League match was halted in Charleroi that he was “ashamed” by the conduct of an “extremist group of fans” and intended to sell the team.

Beitar is notorious for having a core of supporters known for their racist and anti-Arab sentiments, and is the only team in the Israeli league that has never had an Arab player.

Thursday’s match was halted after Beitar fans threw smoke flares onto the pitch, reportedly after Charleroi supporters taunted them with Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli chants.

And Charleroi’s goalkeeper was struck in the head by what Belgium press reports said was a bolt thrown by Beitar fans.

There were no arrests, during or after the match which Beitar lost 5-1.

Netanyahu said he had spoken with Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan and that the two had agreed to conduct an inquiry into “possible action against the fans who rioted”.

“It is good that the decisive majority of Beitar fans immediately condemned the behaviour of that same small group,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

Tabib late on Thursday that he was ashamed of the conduct of the “extremist group of fans, which to me aren’t even supporters of the team”, and announced he was ending all involvement in Israeli sports and selling Beitar.

He also apologised to Charleroi’s owner and its goalkeeper immediately after the game, a Beitar spokesman told AFP.

The return match between the teams is due to take place in Jerusalem on Thursday.–sow.html

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