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Concert-goers slam poor messaging at storm-hit Fall Out Boy concert in Somerset, WI

Concert-goers slam poor messaging at storm-hit Fall Out Boy concert in Somerset, WI

Some claimed security falsely told them the show was canceled but it wasn’t.

Live Nation and the Somerset Amphitheater are facing some heat after a range of complaints were made by concertgoers attending the Fall Out Boy show on Thursday.

Severe weather moved through the area at the end of Bring Me The Horizon’s opening set, which then caused the venue to evacuate everyone to their vehicles and pause the night’s performances. Attendees were told to keep an eye on social media for updates, but many complained of having a lack of cell phone service in the area.

The show eventually resumed but some concertgoers were allegedly told by security and staff that the show was canceled, with some heading home as a result. Fallout Boy ended up playing a condensed version of their show, cutting their setlist in half, as time constraints prevented music being played after midnight.

The Somerset Amphitheater posted updates on social media, but those in attendance say it never made announcements over any speakers or on video boards.

Jayla Topel, of St. Paul, said she would’ve left if it weren’t for one of her friends in the group that had cell service.

“It was a whole mess. We were told to wait in our car and monitor social media, but there was no service for a good chunk of people. So [concertgoers] were asking staff about it and some [answered] ‘I don’t know’, some said ‘wait’ and others said [it was canceled],” Topel told Bring Me The News.

Severe weather sparks fan chaos entering gate at Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami introduction

Severe weather sparks fan chaos entering gate at Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami introduction


Christian Arnold

July 16, 2023

Lionel Messi’s introduction to the Inter Miami faithful hit a little bit of a delay on Sunday as the South Florida rain pushed back the start of the event and sent fans scrambling through one of the gates at DRV PNK Stadium.

Video posted to Twitter by Magic City Soccer, appeared to show fans going through what looked to be an unmanned gate outside the stadium to enter the grounds to find cover from the torrential downpour.

La PresentaSíon, as it was dubbed by the team, was a ticketed event, with season ticket holders being given complimentary tickets and then a limited number of tickets were made available to the general public.

A previous video posted by the Magic City soccer account did appear to show a security guard originally at the gate as the sky began to open up.

“Security abandon their post as the worst of the weather came in,” the two videos were captioned. “Supporters breached the gates and passed security with no one on hand. This may be a problem.”

A follow-up tweet from the account explained that fans had rushed the gate to get out of the passing storm, but there had been no security inspection or anyone there to collect tickets.

The event had been scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, but rain forced a weather delay and fans had only started to be allowed to go to their seats around 7:30 p.m., according to soccer reporter Franco Panizo.

The tickets for Messi’s introduction had warned that the event would take place rain or shine due to South Florida’s unpredictable weather, according to World Soccer Talk.

Inappropriate actions of security personnel

Shocking moment NYC SummerStage worker pepper sprays crowd after being called ‘f****t’ by concert goer as he accuses group of ‘bum-rushing’ gate and forcing a barricade on top of him

By Paul Farrell For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:01 EDT, 15 July 2023 | Updated: 12:37 EDT, 15 July 2023

The shocking moment where a concert goer was pepper sprayed by a security guard after the worker accused the person of calling him a ‘f****t’ was caught on camera.

The incident occurred in the midst of Colombian singer Juanes’ free gig in New York City‘s Central Park as part of the SummerStage concert series on Thursday. The event had to be abandoned because thousands had hopped fences in order to get in and created an unsafe environment, organizers said.

The video begins with the security worker accusing a group of ‘bum-rushing’ the gate and forcing a barrier on top of him. The man then points out one crowd member, alleging that person used a slur.

‘You called me a f****t? Done, done, done right now,’ he says. The man tells other crowd members to duck as he takes the spray from his pocket and yells: ‘B***h’ before storming away.

An attendee of the concert told the New York Post that security personnel were antagonizing the crowd. Isaac Carvajal said he was with his father, around 10 minutes from where the pepper spraying took place.

‘The security people were kind of teasing the crowds. They never said: “We are over capacity,”‘ Carvajal said.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that a man and a woman were hit by the spray both were treated at the venue. The security guard left before officers responded. At the time of writing no arrests have been made.

According to SummerStage officials, the security guard will not be permitted to work at future events. He was employed by an outside contractor.

‘We don’t in any way allow the use of mace or force. When we were made aware of the video that had been circulating and what had transpired, we immediately took action,’ a spokesperson told the Post.

The abandonment of the concert was the first time that a SummerStage gig was stopped for non-weather related reason.

There were 5,000 people inside the venue for the gig with a further 12,000 outside trying to get in. Juanes, 50, performed two songs before the event was called off.

‘Because people were climbing in through the bushes, going in over fences, pushing down the barricades … it’s lucky that it didn’t go worse than it did. Because if 12,000 people outside had managed to force their way in, there would have been a tragedy,’ attendee Pamela Mazza told Gothamist.

Mazza also said that despite Juanes’ popularity in Latin America, officials were slow to make an announcement in Spanish the concert was canceled calling it ‘cultural ignorance and incompetence.’

Another concertgoer told the website that there were only between two and six police officers present despite the swelling the crowd. Others described arguing, pushing and ‘fist-fighting’ amongst the crowd.

In response the NYPD told Gothamist that officers to not provide security for private events although officers were involved in the decision to call off the gig.

Queens resident Julisa Fernandez told the website that there were such panic among the crowd, rumors spread that someone was armed with a gun.

‘People were just jumping the barricades. And there were so many people pushing and shoving and kids got hurt too in front of us. … They got pushed around, and they also got scared,’ Fernandez said.

On stage, even Juanes became aware of the problems, telling the crowd from the stage to ‘be calm,’ reported Billboard.

‘If we are not calm, they are going to stop the concert. Many people were left outside without being able to enter. We want to continue with the show. It’s possible, right?,’ he said in Spanish.

He later told the magazine: ‘I’m sad because I was very eager to play.’

Billboard’s Isabela Raygoza said that outside the venue there no ‘proper measures’ for crowd control.

‘Outside they didn’t have the proper measures for security. So, I think a group of people stampeded inside the venue, so they knocked down a fence and obviously that compromises the safety of people that are already inside,’ she added.

Juanes concert at outdoor N.Y. venue stopped after 2 songs due to excessive crowds

July 13, 2023, 1:46 PM EDT
By Uwa Ede-Osifo

SummerStage halted Colombian superstar Juanes’ concert on Wednesday evening while he was performing his second song, citing concerns over excessive crowds.

The abrupt end was the first time in the annual summer series’ 30-year history that a performance had to be stopped for a nonweather related reason, Heather Lubov, executive director of the City Parks Foundation, said in a statement. The foundation is the nonprofit organization that organizes the free concerts throughout the city’s five boroughs.

“The Juanes show at SummerStage in Central Park drew a capacity crowd of 5,000 attendees inside the venue with an estimated overflow of 12,000 additional fans outside the gates,” Lubov said.

“During the performance of his second song, with continued crowds at the gates and out of an abundance of caution, the show was halted and fans were asked to leave the venue.”

Juanes performs at the Besame Mucho Festival in Los Angeles on Dec. 3.Scott Dudelson / Getty Images file

The show was put on in partnership with the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC).

Fans of the beloved singer-songwriter expressed their disappointment on social media.

“Very disrespectful of @SummerStage to end @JUANES’ concert in Central Park after 2 songs because they underestimated the amount of Latinos that would show up to this free concert,” one fan tweeted. “Like c’mon, he’s an international legend.”

“You can’t just have a free event for someone like @JUANES and not expect an insane turnout. It should’ve been a lottery system to avoid the crowd. It was scary!” another tweeted.

Spectator Stabbed at Levi’s Stadium During Mexico-Qatar Match

Spectator Stabbed at Levi’s Stadium During Mexico-Qatar Match

Tabatha Wethal
Jul 5, 2023

A man is recovering after he was stabbed during a fight at a game between Mexico and Qatar at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday.

Lt. Cuong Phan, a spokesperson for the Santa Clara Police Department, told that the person who was stabbed suffered a “critical injury” to the upper torso and is recovering in an area hospital.

The Mexican soccer federation issued a statement Tuesday condemning violence among fans, after one Mexico fan stabbed another at a Sunday match at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

On Monday, Santa Clara police identified a suspect and a person of interest in the case and are seeking the public’s help in locating them, the NBC affiliate in San Francisco KNTV reported.  The suspect is described as a man between 25 and 35 years old, with short, dark-colored hair, and a thin mustache and beard. He was last seen wearing a green Mexico jersey. A person of interest in the case was described as a woman with dark-colored hair and a similar Mexico jersey.

Videos circulating on social media on Monday appear to show a large fight breaking out in the stands. The Santa Clara Police Department has not confirmed if the stabbing occurred during the footage in question. KNTV reported that the wound appeared to be near the man’s neck or upper torso, and it could be seen spurting blood.

The victim told KNTV on Wednesday that he is grateful to be alive. He said the object he was stabbed with was a large pocket knife. It wasn’t clear how someone was able to get that kind of weapon past stadium security.

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