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SoFi Crowd Control Worker Sues Rams Over Brain Bleed Suffered During Brawl

SoFi Crowd Control Worker Sues Rams Over Brain Bleed Suffered During Brawl

Andy Berg
Dec 15, 2023

A 71-year-old crowd control worker at SoFi Stadium is suing the Los Angeles Rams  over a brain bleed he suffered during a brawl that transpired during a Dec. 8 Thursday Night Football game.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Robert Leahey was working for a company that provides crowd control services that does not “raise to the expertise of more formal security services.”

Leahey was diagnosed with “severe and catastrophic brain injuries, including a subdural hematoma with brain bleeding” and was hospitalized.

APEX Security Group, which is listed as a defendant along with the Rams and two companies that “owned, controlled, operated and/or maintained SoFi Stadium,” supplied the security guards who responded to the fight, the lawsuit reads.

Leahey was attempting to assist with controlling the brawl by making notes of those responsible for the fight. However, APEX security guards pushed Leahey out of the way, the suit alleges. Leahey fell down the stairs, and hit his head on the concrete several times.

Security guards helped him up but he had trouble staying on his feet, experiencing “neurological issues.” Shortly thereafter someone threw a metal beer can that struck Leahey on the back of the head, the suit said.

Leahey said he continues to have trouble concentrating and has speech and visual impairments. “His life has entirely changed since December 8, 2022. He remains in the care of medical professionals,” the lawsuit states.

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