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US Justice Department Publishes Guidelines for Major Events

US Justice Department Publishes Guidelines for Major Events
by TAL Global on June 13, 2013

The new primer aims at adding insights and knowledge to law enforcement officials as they approach the planning and execution of the task of securing large public events.

The Justice Department concluded that often there is an information gap between what individual law enforcement officials know and the vast accumulated knowledge and proven practices gathered by multiple agencies across the country. The Planning Primer is one of the tools designed to bridge this information gap.

The BJA hopes that the new primer, together with other tools they plan to introduce, will help law enforcement officials maximize the local and regional benefits inherent in large scale public events, while minimizing threats to public safety.

The primer presents a comprehensive model practices pertaining to security planning for a large-scale event, starting from pre-event planning and culminating with event specifically pre-event planning, core event operations, checklists, financial as well as operational insights, actionable templates and key considerations designed to facilitate the planning process.

To download the primer, please click on the link below.

Managing Large-Scale Security Events: A Planning Primer for Local Law Enforcement Agencies

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