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Stampede at Soccer Match in Iraq Leaves Two Dead, Dozens Injured

Andy Berg
Jan 19, 2023

A stampede outside a stadium in Iraq, has left at least two people dead and dozens more injured, according to ABC News.

Fans were gathered outside the Basra International Stadium to attend the final match in the first international soccer tournament held in the country in four decades.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry in a statement had urged people who didn’t have tickets for the match to leave the stadium area, saying that the facility was full and all the gate had been closed.

Large screen had reportedly been placed in different public places in Basra to allow people to watch the match.

ABC reported that the tournament, which started on January 6, faced several incidents, including chaos inside the VIP section during which a Kuwaiti prince was not able to attend the opening match earlier this month.

The final match in the eight-nation Arabian Gulf Cup is scheduled to be held later Thursday between Iraq and Oman.

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