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Stadium Roof Colapse in Holland

The roof of Dutch Cup winners FC Twente’s De Grolsch Veste (“The Grolsch Fortress”) stadium partially collapsed during work to expand seating capacity, leaving one person dead and 15 others injured. Two support beams collapsed for unknown reasons as workers attempted to make what started as a 13,500-seat arena in 1998 into a 32,000-seat venue to accommodate the club’s recent success.

From the AP:

In all, 16 people were injured when the roof at the southern end of the FC Twente stadium collapsed around midday, said Peter den Oudsten, mayor of the Dutch town of Enschede where the stadium is located. Three people were treated at the scene, he said.

Two of hospitalized workers had serious injuries, Den Oudsten said, without elaborating. News video showed at least one construction worker, apparently bleeding from a head wound, being taken away by paramedics.

Den Oudsten said sniffer dogs and cameras were being used to search for anybody else still trapped under the tangle of girders and red roof panels—the color of FC Twente’s shirts—behind the goal at the southern end of the Grolsch Veste stadium.

The following link contained the story and some good photographs highlighting the damage:

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