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Sports Illustrated Article

There was a great article in August 29, 2011 issue of Sports Illustrated focused on the assault outside Dodgers Stadium this year.  The article highlighted the various problems the Dodgers faced as well as some of the solutions they had undertaken.  The Dodgers had 457 security personnel opening day including 195 uniformed LAPD officers.  This season opening day they has one security employee for every 122 fans.  According to the article arrests were down opening day from 132 last year to 72 this year.  One problem highlighted by the article was that it took more than ten minutes for security to arrive in the parking lot after the attack.  The next home stand was a different story with the help of Kroll the Dodgers brought in behavior detection officers trained to seek out belligerent fans, added improved lighting in the parking lots, and have announced plans to implement computer mapping technology used in crime prevention.

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