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Seton Hall Surge stopped

College Students Trying To Storm The Court Vs. Security Guards: Who You Got?

by Tom Lorenzo | 11:39 pm, February 21st, 2012


In case you missed it, the Seton Hall men’s basketball team upset the No. 9 Georgetown Hoyas tonight, 73-55. Yikes. It wasn’t even close, as the Pirates pulled ahead early and never looked back. Naturally, the Seton Hall fans believed that it was in their right to storm the court, after pulling off the upset. However, the stadium security guards weren’t too keen on that idea.

The first thing that wen’t through our mind as the students lined up to storm the court was: why? You’re a 19-win team and most likely well on your way to grabbing an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament. Hey, act like you’ve been there before. That said, if you are going to storm the court, make sure you, a student-body of some hundreds of young kids, can manage to slip past a handful of old dudes with walkie-talkies. It really shouldn’t be that hard. Right?

See the video:

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