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Rocks injure concert goers

City officials: Red
Rocks Amphitheatre
being inspected after
rock fall injures 7

Article by: STEVEN K. PAULSON , Associated Press

Updated: September 12, 2011 – 2:01 PM

DENVER – Denver officials insisted Monday
that the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater is
safe after rocks fell on concertgoers,
injuring seven people and sending four of
them to the hospital.

Witnesses told KMGH-TV ( http://bit.
) that rocks rained down on
people sitting near the front left side of the
stage during a concert, injuring some
severely on Sunday. A spokeswoman for
West Metro Fire Rescue said the names of the
victims and extent of the injuries were not
immediately available.

The naturally formed amphitheater tucked in
the foothills west of Denver has two, 300-
foot sandstone monoliths, dubbed Ship Rock

and Creation Rock. A half dozen or more
rocks fell from Creation Rock on the north
side of the theater.

The stage has served as a venue for top-
flight performers, ranging from the Beatles
to John Denver. Former President George
Bush and other politicians made campaign
stops there, and it has been the backdrop
for a number of movies.

Denver cultural affairs spokeswoman Kristin
Rust said investigators may never know what
caused rocks to fall on spectators around 1
a.m. Sunday during the last segment of a
concert by the band Sound Tribe Sector 9.
Some witnesses reported seeing people
climbing on the rocks before the incident.

“At this point, we still do not know what
cause it, human or nature,” she said.

She said about 100 staffers, including
security, medical attendants and police,
attend major events at the venue. She said
more security officials will be assigned to the
monoliths for the rest of the year, and her
department will see if more permanent
changes are needed next year.

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