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Police kick out entire SMU student section

Police kick out entire SMU student section for ignoring social distancing, mask guidelines

Jack Baer

Jack Baer

Sat, October 3, 2020, 7:09 PM EDT

The SMU student section experienced an early exit during Saturday’s game against Memphis, according to Sam Blum of the Dallas Morning News.

Police reportedly kicked out the entire section early in the first half after a large crowd of students congregated near the end zone. The vast majority of students were not wearing masks, and social distancing guidelines were obviously not being followed.

Police officers reportedly approached the perimeter of the crowd and started instructing students to leave. It’s unclear if the police department had made the decision to remove the students or were told to do so by SMU.

A large group of students reportedly remained at the top of the hill next to the end zone, but was eventually gone by the start of the second half.

SMU athletic director Rick Hart had previously pledged to tighten up its social distancing rules after similar behavior was seen during the Mustangs’ home opener last week. Hart promised to “significantly” increase the security personnel on site.

From SMU:

Whether you attended in person or watched online, you could see that the majority of fans in the stadium behaved responsibly and were socially-distanced and masked. That said, we will be working to adjust the behavior of a small subsection of fans who did not follow our pledge to protect, which was sent to all ticketholders.

SMU would eventually hold on to win 30-27 over Memphis. Quarterback Shane Buechele was 32-of-46 for 474 passing yards and three touchdowns.

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