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Ohio State Game Day Security Considered National Model

August 27, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The average fan arriving at the Ohio stadium for game day walks through layers of security that they did not even know existed.

“By the time the fan enters the stadium and get to their seat, they will have gone through about five layers of security,” said Ohio State police Deputy Chief Richard Morman.

Law enforcement officials also credit a strong no-alcohol policy as a reason why there are fewer arrests at Ohio Stadium after games that at other large sports venues.

“In the state of Ohio, it’s illegal to have an open container,” Morman said.

Though security is as intense as usual, a few charges will see seen at the stadium this year.

Many students chose not to purchase tickets this year.

“This year, we did have a dip in student sales and didn’t go through allotment for the alumni lottery,” said Brett Scarbrough of Ohio State Ticketing.

Games against Michigan and Nebraska are already sold out.

A new scoreboard also will greet visitors.

The new $7 million high-definition board is 125 feet long and also packs a new speaker system.

“We have it positioned so the speakers won’t hurt anybody’s ears,” said Don Patko, associate athletic director.

The university also did something about the lack of cell service at the Horseshoe on game day.

“We will have some digital antennas outside the stadium to help alleviate that,” said Mike Penner of the stadium operations team.

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