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More than toilet paper that hurt Uruguay official

Updated 03:13 p.m., Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — The linesman who was ridiculed on the Internet after being apparently felled by a flying toilet roll during a match in Uruguay was actually hit by a heavy spool of cash register tape.

The incident in last week’s Copa Sudamericana match between Nacional of Uruguay and Universidad de Chile was caught on video and became a viral hit, with some people wondering if the much-maligned habit of diving among players had now spread to officials.

But Maximiliano Suberbie, an official at the Montevideo hospital where linesman Milciades Saldivar was treated, confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that Saldivar sustained a minor head injury from being hit by an object much heavier than a toilet roll.

“This is a usual thing at Uruguay stadiums,” Suberbie said. “Fans throw these, which unfurl like snakes. But the rolls are quite heavy, like those they use in cash registers at supermarkets.”

Suberbie said the linesman was quickly treated and released. He said reports that Saldivar might also have been hit by a piece of ice were untrue.

The game was suspended early in the second half with the Chilean team leading 2-0. Nacional has been fined $10,000 over the incident.

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