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NFL screening

To help with security, the NFL purchased 100 metal detecting wans for each NFL team last year. The cost to wand fans at a sellout according to a recent article in Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal is $25,000 per game compared with $10,000 per game for traditional pat-downs. Teams also needed to spring for some additional barricades and way finding signage. According to the article, several clubs claimed that scanning takes 12-16 seconds on average, which is 30% longer compared with pat downs.

The Oakland Raiders went a step further spending $340,000 for 110 permanent walk through magnetometers. To help speed up the entry process the club started a campaign called “early in and you may win,” which encourages people to show up an hour before kickoff and be eligible for prizes. Based on this campaign 90% of fans now come in before the kickoff.

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