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New McLane Stadium Gameday Policies Focus On Fan Safety

WACO, Texas – As Baylor University transitions from 64-year-old Floyd Casey Stadium to the state-of-the-art 45,140-seat McLane Stadium on the Brazos River in 2014, there are several new policies and procedures being implemented.

“Baylor Nation will be thrilled with the spectacular McLane Stadium and one of the most dynamic game day environments in college football,” said Baylor Vice President and Director of Athletics Ian McCaw. “There has been a considerable amount of work put into developing stadium policies and procedures that will provide a safe environment and an enjoyable experience for our fans, student-athletes and officials.

“While we realize that some of these policies are different from how we were able to operate at Floyd Casey Stadium, the changes were made with spectator safety at the forefront of our decisions,” he added.

Baylor’s gameday policies have been developed over the last year by a committee representing a cross-section of units working on McLane Stadium operations with a focus on providing a safe environment and enjoyable fan experience. With McLane Stadium being nearly double in square footage size to that of the Bears previous home, it is not possible to operate football games in the same manner as previous years, according to McCaw.

In the coming weeks, Baylor University will be communicating important information about Baylor gameday resources, programs and opportunities as McLane Stadium opens. Because the exciting return of football to campus requires a variety of new practices and procedures affecting the campus, Baylor encourages everyone to give special attention to the communications in advance of the Aug. 31 opening. On Aug. 4, Baylor Athletics will go live with a new Baylor Gameday fan page at This resource will provide Baylor fans with all pertinent gameday information, including parking, tailgating, stadium policies and everything fans need to know about McLane Stadium. Baylor students also will have a student-specific gameday website at that will debut on Aug. 4 with information specific to their gameday experience.

While fans are encouraged to familiarize themselves with McLane Stadium policies and procedures located at, the Athletics Department would like to call special attention to several key policies, some of which have been carried over from Floyd Casey Stadium, as well as some which are new, including those specifically dealing with:

Policy: Big 12 Conference rules do not permit artificial noisemakers to be brought into or used in McLane Stadium.

Reason: The Big 12 implemented this rule in order to prevent the distraction of the participants and officials in the game.

Policy: Service animals are welcome in McLane Stadium. All other animals will not be allowed to enter.

Reason: A service animal is trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Policy: Backpacks are not allowed in McLane Stadium. Bags and purses 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or smaller will be allowed in McLane Stadium.

Reason: National and local security officials have designated backpacks and large bags as security risks. Unattended bags create a security threat. Bags may not be left at the gates and will be confiscated, removed and discarded immediately.

Policy: Banners may not be hung and poles may not be brought into McLane Stadium unless approved by Baylor Athletics.

Reason: Banners or poles in McLane Stadium can be a nuisance to other fans by obstructing their view of the game, and can create safety concerns for those in the area.

Policy: Cameras with lenses 4″ or smaller are permitted in McLane Stadium. Tripods & monopods are not allowed into McLane Stadium.

Reason: Large lens cameras, tripods and monopods interfere with the game and others’ enjoyment of the game.

Policy: Portable chairbacks and seat cushions will not be allowed in McLane Stadium, however, fans may rent chairs from IMG College Seating for the season at or on gameday at locations throughout the stadium.

Reason: Wide chairback seats overlap into the seat of the fan next to you & many encroach into the legroom of the fan behind you. The guest relations staff at Floyd Casey Stadium frequently was contacted with this complaint. The chairbacks and cushions available from IMG College Seating are customized for the benches at McLane Stadium.

FIELD ACCESS: Policy: Access to the field shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed individuals at all times.

Reason: For the safety of participants and spectators alike, at no time before, during or after a contest shall spectators be permitted onto the field.

Policy: McLane Stadium will have a no re-entry policy effective with the 2014 football season. While exceptions will be made for medical emergency situations, this move brings Baylor into line with 46 other FBS schools, including several Big 12 schools, all 32 NFL teams, other SMG-operated facilities and several area high schools.

Reason: Safety. To ensure a safe and more secure environment for everyone at McLane Stadium, re-entry will not be allowed once you have left the stadium. Keeping our fans, coaches, student-athletes and officials safe and secure on gameday is of the highest priority.

Policy: Smoking (both traditional & non-traditional) and any form of tobacco will not be permitted at McLane Stadium.

Reason: Baylor University is a tobacco-free, smoke-free campus. For more information, please visit:

Policy: Umbrellas are not allowed in McLane Stadium. Umbrellas left at the gate/entrance will be confiscated and discarded during security sweeps.

Reason: Umbrellas are a sight obstruction for other fans, and can be a safety hazard. Fans should bring appropriate rain gear in case of inclement weather

Policy: All persons (ages 2 & up) must present a ticket for admission to McLane Stadium.

Reason: This policy is for the convenience and safety of all ticket holders. Even the smallest of Baylor fans sitting on their parents’ lap can be an inconvenience to the fan sitting in the next seat and a safety risk for the child.

Policy: Video cameras are not permitted in McLane Stadium.

Reason: Baylor Athletics is obligated to protect the television and digital rights granted by the Big 12 Conference to television networks and other media. By prohibiting video cameras except for use by credentialed working media, Baylor Athletics can best manage that obligation.

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