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Man wielding machete killed after entering Colorado athletic department (Updated)

Graham Watson, 10/5/16

The man wielding a machete in the Colorado athletic department was shot and killed by police, according to a statement by the CU Boulder Police Department.

Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre told the Jim Rome Show his team was on the practice field when the incident occurred.

“We were on the practice field, fortunately,” MacIntyre said. “He was in our building. I don’t know all the details of it at all. I’m still on lockdown as I talk to you. We’re not allowed to go up into our building. I’m on the first floor. We were at practice. It didn’t affect any of that. Our young men have just left the room, and we can leave here in a little bit. It’s still in the middle of it, so to speak.

“But our protocol and everything worked exactly like it should. All of our athletes, all of our employees are safe. It was really a scary situation, no doubt.”

MacIntyre said there were other football employees in the building when the man entered. He said the coaches were made aware of the incident and to stay where they were.

“The first thing that went through my mind when I heard, I was in the middle of practice, they called down and said we couldn’t leave practice and just to keep going,” MacIntyre said. “All the ambulances and stuff were going by. My first reaction was that I hope everyone’s safe in our building. We still had employees in the building, especially the football employees working our recruiting, all the different aspects.

“All of them are OK. I was very concerned and made sure everyone was safe and OK. Everyone is, so that’s very good.”

Athletic director Rick George announced shortly after the incident that no one other than the machete-wielding man was injured.

** Original Story **

Police shot a man Wednesday who entered the Colorado athletic department offices wielding a machete.

According to reports and tweets from University of Colorado Police, a text came into the police department a little after 9 a.m. alerting authorities to come to the Champions Center, a facility near Folsom Field that houses the Colorado athletic department, including the school’s football coaches. By 9:23 a.m., police had cornered the man in a stairwell and, according to the police scanner, he was shot in the lower back and taken into custody.
CU police officials would not reveal the condition of the suspect or whether anyone was injured. It also would not confirm whether shots were fired.

We will update this post when more is known about the condition of those involved.

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