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Lawsuit: Eagles Fan Assaulted After “Good-Natured” Obscenity

A lawsuit from a Levittown couple claims unfair treatment at Lincoln Financial Field.
By Dan McQuade | March 13, 2014

Fans at Lincoln Financial Field can unpleasant. The Linc doesn’t have Veterans Stadium’s reputation for boorish fan behavior, but attend a game and there’s a good chance someone around you will be making a scene of himself with obnoxious behavior. It is part of the, erhm, charm of attending an Eagles game. (That, and the harassment of women.)

Where was I? Anyway, a fan from Levittown is suing the Eagles, claiming he was assaulted after shouting a “good natured” obscenity at a fan.

Gary Strain and his wife Margaretta, longtime Eagles season ticketholders, visited Lincoln Financial Field in December to watch the Eagles play the Arizona Cardinals.

As the couple climbed to their upper-level seats, Gary Strain “jokingly chanted in an elongated and good-natured tone ‘a––––––’ to a male below him wearing a Cardinals jersey,” the lawsuit states.

The Cardinals fan was an undercover cop. Strain claims he was rushed by security and tackled to the ground. The suit says he and his wife were given disorderly conduct citations but the cases weren’t listed at court.

The pair is asking for $50,000.

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