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Fan Re-Training

NFL teams are allowing bad apples back into the stadiums.  With the increase in inappropriate behavior by some fans, several NFL teams such as the Jets, Patriots, Colts, and Falcons (along with the Bills, Browns, Eagles, Lions, and Packers who are trying to adopt similar programs) have started using a fan education program to allow expelled fans to once again return to the stadium.  The Internet based program takes four hours for alcohol violations and two hours for profanity based expulsions.  The teams are charging various amounts from $50 to over $100 for the course with a percentage of the money received going to various charities.  After taking the course and submitting a certificate of completion the expelled fan can be reinstated so they can attend a future event at the facility.  Of the fans ejected from Gillette stadium this year, 30-40% have completed the course.  Another 30% have taken the course but have yet to submit the certificate.

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