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Dynamo fans ejected from Toyota Stadium Sunday, clubs and fans respond

By Dan Crooke

12:35 PM on Aug 28, 2019

While the Houston Dynamo caused few problems for FC Dallas on the pitch on Sunday night, Toyota Stadium security had their hands full with several incidents that culminated in the mass removal of the visiting supporters’ section with around 15 minutes of the game left to play.

This was the scene as security staff, as well as Frisco PD officers, requested that Dynamo fans retreat to their chartered buses which were parked a short distance from the east gate, close to the section.

This is highly unusual, typically away fans are held in the stadium to allow home fans to disperse.

There have been several incidents in Texas Derby games held at Toyota Stadium in recent years. Two years ago Houston fans set off three pyrotechnic devices within an exclusion zone surrounding an egress point, as defined by the Frisco fire marshal. This action by the El Batallon group saw both they and Texian Army sanctioned as Houston’s two recognized Supporters’ Groups. Houston fans have been both ejected and arrested for their part in physical confrontations during games, and this happened again. Public records from the City of Frisco indicate at least one arrest made during the second half of Sunday’s game, while fan accounts point to at least five incidents in addition to beer cups being thrown from the visiting supporters’ section.

With these in mind a decision was made between Toyota Stadium security, as well as the Houston Dynamo’s supporter liaison at the game, to prevent further escalation. A number of things are taken into consideration including the presence of an official mode of transport in the chartered buses, and the point in the game where the result was effectively secure. Houston fans were told they were being removed for their safety, with fans threatened with arrest if they did not comply.

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