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Crude weapons confiscated outside the Coppa Italia final

Here’s the assortment of crude weapons confiscated outside the Coppa Italia final
By Brooks Peck, 5/26/2013

This year’s Coppa Italia marked the first time the tournament has ended with a Rome derby and thus the first time both participants played the final in their home stadium (since the Stadio Olimpico is always the host site). Given the fact that was not just a match between the fiercest of intracity rivals, but one with a trophy on the line, local authorities anticipated an especially combustable atmosphere. Judging by the frightening array of crude weapons confiscated by police before the match, it seems the historic final between Roma and Lazio could’ve been ruined before it even began.

Of course, any Rome derby is bound to include a variety of violence of weaponry. This time, however, police confiscated garden tools, kitchen knives and hatchets all taped to sticks for maximum stabbing reach from ultras under the Ponte della Musica.

Psy, who performed his played-out hit “Gangnam Style” before the match to a chorus of boos, should be thankful those items were confiscated so they couldn’t be thrown at him…

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