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Crowd Surge at Soccer Game

The following YouTube link highlights footage posted by an unknown person showing a crowd collapse/surge and a subsequent pitch-side barrier failure at a match between Villarreal v Hamsik on the 25th February 2011. The video clearly highlights a player scoring a great goal and then running towards his supporters in the stand.  The supports lean forward to touch the player and then the railing collapsed sending the supported around three to four feet to the ground.  Around 20-30 fell down and several supports were shown be taken away by medical staff.  I have seen several similar occurrences in the past with one of the most notable examples being the Wisconsin Camp Randal incident in the 1990s where fans were leaning forward (before the rail collapse) due in part to the cameras, the mascot, the cheerleaders, and the ban all being in the same area.  Care should always be taken after a major score or similar pivotal time to properly engage fans, and not cause hysteria or a rush to a given location.

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