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Concerts and Hospitals

A recent article in the Hartford Courant (July 14, 2012) examined the increased number of hospital visits by concert goers. The article highlighted that a typical concert at the Comcast Theater could result in 70-90 ambulance transports to local hospitals. The June 15th Rascal Flatts concert resulted in 158 emergency responses. This could result in some hospitals getting a crush of 30 patients added to their typical patient load and the Rascal Flatts concert produced 62 hospitalizations. This situation is exasperated by the fact that almost half of those seeking emergency assistance have no identification and at some concerts the average age of those being transported was 15. The article mentioned that there is no treat and release for those brought in for significant intoxication which increases the number of people brought to hospitals. The Hartford Police Department has stepped up a crackdown on underage drinking, but one of the biggest problems is private off-site parking areas where numerous individuals drink for hours-without having tickets for the concerts. I thought the article was a very good piece (not a hatchet job) looking at the alcohol and safety concern from the medical side rather than just the law enforcement or promoter perspective.

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