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Buenos Aires Football Club Tests Implanting A Microchip In Fans To Help With Stadium Security

Buenos Aires Football Club Tests Implanting A Microchip In Fans To Help With Stadium Security

May 3, 2016

As many sports fans can certainly attest, waiting in line is often one of the most inconvenient aspects of going to a sporting event, especially a popular one with large crowds all trying to enter through a handful of entry ways in a given stadium.

While technology can often only take this so far with the constant need for security at these events, one team is trying to improve their fan experience and make this process a little less painful in a very unique way.

A Buenos Aires-based football club, Club Atletico Tigre is reportedly considering offering its fans an implantable microchip that would enable attendees of the game faster access through the turnstiles and in turn allow them to get to their seat faster with less hassle.

While this seems to be a potentially dangerous next step and health risks would be a relevant worry, the club recently had team director Ezequiel Rosino act as a test case for the program and had a chip injected under his club tattoo.

He then told the Associated Press that the chip will not be able to track fans, but will only carry their basic information about them for team security purposes.

While reports of the program have already begun to surface, it still has a long way to go before actual implementation and still has numerous hurdles with local health and security agencies that undoubtedly will have a few questions to ask the team’s management. The program would also need to be cleared by the Argentine Football Association itself, even if it clears the initial governmental inquiries.

Technology and soccer are becoming more and more synonymous these days and while this could be an unconventional step, it’s good to see technology being put to use to increase stadium security and improve the fan experience.

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