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Avril Lavigne Goes Nuts with Crowd

Avril Lavigne was singing at a concert after a Tampa Bay Rays game.  However, she was upset with the fans who booed after some technical malfunctions during her first song.  She used a number of choice obscenities to respond to the fans and the team had to apologize for her outburst.  An artist can turn a crowd against police, a facility, or a team.  An artist can also gain control of a rough crowd through requesting positive conduct by the crowd.  A facility need to know how cooperative a performer is in case of an emergency.  I handled a case several years ago involving Eminem and he did a great job of getting the crowd to back-up by turning his request into a game.  He basically asked the fans to take steps backwards similar to a dance.  It worked well and allowed the staff to attend to some injured fans.

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