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‘ABSOLUTE CHAOS’ Eminem fans ‘trampled


Eminem fans ‘trampled on and left struggling to breathe’ after thousands of concert-goers bags ‘dumped on floor’ after Twickenham gig

Tom Rosher witnessed people being ‘trampled on’ as others rushed to collect their belongings at Twickenham Stadium, West London

By Aletha Adu

15th July 2018

EMINEM fans were trampled on in chaotic scenes after thousands of bags were “dumped on the floor” for concert-goers to collect after the show.

Fans who flocked to London’s Twickenham Stadium on Saturday night said security officials sparked a violent free-for-all with people’s belongings after the concert.

A sea of Eminem fans left waiting for at least 90 minutes, after finding their belongings ‘dumped on the floor’, before chaotic scenes

Tom Rosher, 21, from West London, witnessed people being “trampled on” and “left struggling to breathe” as others rushed to collected their belongings which were left open to theft.

He told Sun Online: “People were being pushed against fences, people were being trampled on, while some were falling over left, right and centre.

“Other people were struggling to breathe, it was absolutely mental. A huge guy used my girlfriend as a leaning post as he forced himself past hundreds to get to his belongings.

“The officials had no clue. They were just standing there like headless chickens.”

Eminem performing at Twickenham’s Stadium on July 14

Tom said security staff forced him to leave his girlfriend’s Michael Kors bag, worth more than £100, in a storage container upon entry, even though it met stadium rules.

He also claimed he saw other concert-goers with huge rucksacks on their back inside the venue.

Tom said: “Who thought it would be a good idea to have six members of staff, monitoring containers which had thousands of people’s belongings?

“When fights started breaking out, one official picked up a random Gucci bag and asked whose it was? I saw this randomer think to himself before claiming it.

Twickenham Stadium advised fans to not bring bags, and if they did, it could only be an A5 size

“Anyone with malicious intent, could enter the gig with a £20 bag, and leave with one worth more than £200.”

“When I asked [security] what happened one said ‘It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, I’m new’. Another said ‘I’m not paid enough to deal with this’.”

Dozens of fans questioned why stadium officials introduced the bag policy if they were not going to follow it.

One said: “Poor form at Twickers last night for Eminem. No consistency with allowed bag sizes and the bag drop off, was a disgraceful mess/free-for-all.

“Pointless putting tickets on bags, if no staff are there to monitor it. Bags could’ve been easily stolen! #twickenhamstadium #Eminem.”

The mum of one Eminem fan said: “My son was forced to miss transport home due to lack of organisation when collecting his bag!! #Twickenham #Eminem #outofpocket this ruined what should have been a fantastic night that he saved for….. what a joke!!”

Stadium officials offered online guidance on what type of bags to bring, which said:”Eminem along with his touring partners and Twickenham Stadium strongly encourages fans to not bring any type of bags to this show.

“Fans however will be able to carry… small clutch bags approximately A5 size with or without a handle or strap.

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