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49ers fans attack each other in massive brawl at Levi’s Stadium

Tony Kurzweil
Fri, September 22, 2023 at 9:24 AM CDT·1 min read


A large fight erupted in the stands at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara during Thursday night’s NFL game.

The San Francisco 49ers were taking on the New York Giants when a group of the so-called “Niner Gang” turned on each other. The video posted by @T_Stephenson1 on X shows what appeared to be a fight between two women when a male bystander grabbed the hair of one of the combatants and pulled her down.

Another man then tried to get involved in the fight and ended up getting punched and kicked by the bystanders.

Brawl at 49ers game
Brawl at 49ers game

Security guards arrived and control of the situation at that point.

It was unclear what started the brawl or if any disciplinary action was taken against any of the participants.

The 49ers had much less trouble on the field Thursday night, easily beating the Giants 30-12.

Violent altercations between fans in the stands appear to be turning into a trend this season. 49ers fans were involved in a fight earlier this month during a preseason game against the Denver Broncos.

A Patriots fan died following an altercation with a Miami Dolphins fan at Gillette Stadium on Sept. 17.

Also in September, a man was knocked out by a headbutt from a Bengals fan and multiple fights broke out in the stands in Dallas during a game between the Cowboys and New York Jets.

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