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Patron Management Institute

The Patron Management Institute (PMI) is dedicated to providing the highest quality training for those front-line staff members who work directly with patrons. The training program was developed by an internationally recognized advisory board specialized in crowd management, facility safety, patron management, and instructional design to make sure each training module addresses specific industry needs. Through undertaking and passing the training program, and subsequent shadowing requirements, employees/students can become Certified in Patron Management (CPM) and become Patron Leaders.

‘Significant missed opportunity’ to prevent Manchester Arena attack, report finds By Bradley Rial | 02 March 2023 The third volume of an inquiry into the 2017 Manchester Arena attack has found that there was a significant missed opportunity by MI5 to take action that might have prevented the disaster. The report by inquiry chairman Sir John Saunders stated that it is not possible to reach any conclusion “on the balance of probabilities or to any other evidential standard” as to whether the attack would have been prevented. However, the report added that there was a “realistic possibility that actionable intelligence” could have been obtained which might have led to actions preventing Salman Abedi carrying out the attack. The attack, which killed 22 people, took place on May 22, 2017 following an Ariana Grande concert at the arena. The third volume of the inquiry, which has been released today (Thursday), details Saunders’ findings and recommendations on radicalisation and preventability surrounding the attack. The report states that the reasons for the “significant missed opportunity” included a failure by a Security Service (MI5) officer to act swiftly enough. The inquiry also identified problems with the sharing of information between the Security Service and Keep Reading

Two women killed in stampede at GloRilla concert in Rochester

Two women are dead and another critically injured when a large crowd surged in early March following a concert at the Main Street Armory in Rochester. Three women were taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where one of the three was pronounced dead, according to Rochester police.  On Monday evening, another woman, whom police did not identify, died. Earlier in the day, police had said that two 35-year-old women, one from Syracuse and the other from Rochester, were in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.  Seven additional concert-goers were dropped off by private vehicles at area hospitals with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, but were related to the same incident, police said. Just after 11 p.m. Sunday, after a concert featuring musicians GloRilla ended, concert-goers were leaving the venue when the crowd started to surge and rush toward the exit, said Rochester Police Chief David Smith. There were reports of individuals hearing what they believed to be gunshots inside the venue causing the crowd to panic.”

Calls for Arena Security Probe Following Fatal Stabbing at HS Tournament

Calls for Arena Security Probe Following Fatal Stabbing at HS Tournament Paul Steinbach Feb 22, 2023 Trenton, N.J., officials are calling for an investigation into security measures at an arena where a man was fatally stabbed last week during a high school basketball tournament. As reported by The Associated Press, Mercer County prosecutors say Khalil Glanton, 23, of Trenton, was stabbed multiple times at the CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday and was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly afterward. Two brothers — Kareem Finney, 25, and Kahli Finney, 20, both of Trenton — have been charged with first-degree murder and third-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, authorities announced Tuesday. The Trenton City Council, which said Monday that most of its members were at the game, called for “a full and thorough investigation” by the county improvement authority into security measures that night and throughout the tournament. The council also wants Trenton police to investigate “any possible security breakdowns or breaches.” Mayor W. Reed Gusciora earlier called for the county to look into security breaches at the arena, saying officials must ensure adequate training for all county personnel “who operate a metal detector.” Gusciora Keep Reading

Crowd Crush Ensues Outside Purdue’s Mackey Arena as Students Wait for Ticket Giveaway

Andy Berg Feb 8, 2023, Athletic Business Purdue students and university officials are speaking out after a crowd crush ensued Sunday outside Mackey Arena as students waited for hours to receive men’s season basketball tickets. Two students were treated for minor injuries in the aftermath of the incident, which took place outside Mackey ahead of a women’s basketball game. University president Mung Chiang released a statement on Twitter saying procedures for the annual event will change going forward. “Crowd management should’ve been much better,” Chiang wrote. “Purdue Athletics will shift to electronic methods for safe and fair allocation of golden tickets in the future … crowd management training will be updated for all units and ticketing third parties: Safety First.” Chiang also said that there will be more “Golden Tickets” for those who waited in line but did not received their season tickets for the men’s basketball season. Gabe MacPhail, who waited in line for eight hours Sunday in hopes of receiving a golden ticket, said preparations for the giveaway felt inadequate. “They really didn’t have any proper crowd control,” he told News 18. “There really wasn’t any line management until later when, you know, police started showing up and university Keep Reading

Vermont man dies after brawl during middle school basketball game

The Washington Post Des Bieler Thu, February 2, 2023 at 4:19 AM CST·3 min read A 60-year-old man died this week shortly after participating in a brawl that broke out during a middle school basketball game, Vermont State Police said Wednesday. Russell Giroux of Alburgh, Vt., was said to have been brought to a hospital in St. Albans City, Vt., where he was pronounced dead. According to the VST, his body will be brought to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington to determine the cause and manner of his death. Subscribe to The Post Most newsletter for the most important and interesting stories from The Washington Post. Police described Giroux as a participant in a melee that unfolded Tuesday after attendees rushed the court during a seventh-/eighth-grade game between Alburgh and St. Albans City. Per the VST, police were called to the Alburgh Community Education Center just before 7 p.m. for “a report of a large fight involving multiple spectators.” When officers arrived, the fight had ended and some of the participants had left, including Giroux. He subsequently sought medical attention, and an ambulance took him to the hospital. According to Burlington station WCAX, video of the Keep Reading

Court Finds Live Nation Not Responsible for Fatal Backstage Shooting at 2014 Young Jeezy Concert

Thania Garcia,  Jan. 26, 2023 The California Court of Appeal has decided Live Nation is not legally liable for the death of Eric Johnson, Jr., a Bay Area event promoter who was shot and killed during rapper Young Jeezy’s Under the Influence of Music tour in 2014. According to the Tuesday ruling obtained by Variety, Live Nation had enough admissible evidence to establish that the shooting in the backstage area of the San Fransico venue “was not reasonably foreseeable,” meaning “they had no duty to prevent the third-party criminal attack on [Johnson].” Johnson’s family had previously accused Live Nation of being legally negligent, citing that the entertainment company failed to provide enough security measures to prevent the shooting. The court ultimately decided the attack was not the kind of foreseeable occurrence that Live Nation is legally required to provide preventative measures for, as the family had suggested. Related Stories VIP+ What Buzzy Sundance Buys Say About Struggling Specialty Film Market Mirror Concert Incident: Hong Kong Files 15 Charges Against Contractors “Based on reports from prior stops on the Under the Influence Tour, Live Nation’s security team anticipated a difficult crowd,” the ruling states. “The reports showed fights had occurred in Keep Reading

Turning Down the Heat: Addressing Spectator Anger at Interscholastic Athletic Events

Dec 29, 2022 The vitriol that permeated American life over the past decade has percolated into our schools  — in particular, at after-school sporting events attended by the public. Anger toward officials, coaches and even student-athletes is on full display on a nightly basis in gymnasiums and stadiums. In some scenarios, the toxicity of spectators has manifested as violence or threats against others before, during and after contests. Attending to the security of participants, officials and spectators drains the time, energy and resources of school officials whose basic goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable athletic experience for students. The challenge of providing a safe environment for conducting after-school activities has only been exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. High school athletic directors and other administrative personnel found themselves as nightly arbiters in the national political debate about First Amendment rights regarding masking and vaccination requirements at state-mandated gatherings. They are also tasked with managing interactions – and people – in situations for which they have no experience or formal training, yet in a setting (the American school) for which they are responsible. Now is the time for those people entrusted with managing high school athletic events to be Keep Reading

Stampede at Soccer Match in Iraq Leaves Two Dead, Dozens Injured

Andy Berg Jan 19, 2023 A stampede outside a stadium in Iraq, has left at least two people dead and dozens more injured, according to ABC News. Fans were gathered outside the Basra International Stadium to attend the final match in the first international soccer tournament held in the country in four decades. Iraq’s Interior Ministry in a statement had urged people who didn’t have tickets for the match to leave the stadium area, saying that the facility was full and all the gate had been closed. Large screen had reportedly been placed in different public places in Basra to allow people to watch the match. ABC reported that the tournament, which started on January 6, faced several incidents, including chaos inside the VIP section during which a Kuwaiti prince was not able to attend the opening match earlier this month. The final match in the eight-nation Arabian Gulf Cup is scheduled to be held later Thursday between Iraq and Oman.

High School Postpones Athletic Events Following Boys’ Basketball Brawl

Paul Steinbach Jan 19, 2023 The Middletown (Conn.) Public Schools district postponed all home athletic events Wednesday after a fight broke out at the end of Tuesday’s varsity boys’ basketball game against Weaver High School. As reported by NBC affiliate WVIT in New Britain, the school district said the decision was made out of an abundance of caution, and that athletic events are planned to resume on Thursday. School officials said the district administration and the Middletown Police Department were made aware of a rumor of a threat of retaliation, which police deemed was unsubstantiated. An investigation is underway into the fight, as are several other measures, WVIT reported. Superintendent Vázquez Matos activated the high school’s crisis team and has placed additional staff at the high school to support students and teachers. The Middletown Police Department will have an increased presence at Middletown High School through the end of the week. School officials are urging students and families to immediately tell a trusted adult, a school administrator and/or the Middletown Police Department immediately if they hear or see something concerning. District and school administrators, along with the Middletown Police Department, quickly controlled the situation Tuesday night and one minor staff Keep Reading

Police, Match Officials on Trial Related to Deadly Soccer Stadium Stampede

Tabatha Wethal Jan 17, 2023 Kanjuruhan Stadium By Nur Cholis, CC BY-SA 3.0 Police officers and match officials in Indonesia are on trial this week in connection with a stadium stampede that killed more than 100 people in October. Al Jazeera reported that three officers and two officials are being tried on charges of negligence over their alleged roles last year in the deaths of 135 people at a football match in East Java. According to the report, they each are facing a maximum prison sentence of five years if convicted over the disaster, one of the world’s worst stadium stampedes. The trial, which began on Monday, is being held via teleconference due to security concerns, said court spokesperson Agung Pranata. On Oct. 1, police fired tear gas inside Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, where fans had run onto the pitch after Arema FC, the home team, lost its match. Al Jazeera reported that there were not any supporters from rival Persebaya Surabaya because of previous crowd issues. Amid the clouds of smoke, panicked people rushed for the exits, some of which were locked. Police described the incident as a riot and said two officers were killed, but survivors accused them Keep Reading

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